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The title speaks for itself, I'm back!

I'm so scared each time the plane rumbles. I may be overly paranoid about flying on airline but I never get used to traveling in air or on water; just nice solid ground.

The place we went is Guangdong where my mother born and lived before she came to the United States when she was a teenager.

Here are short facts about China. Chinese don't eat or drink milk accept that are powdered or condensed. China is the 4th largest country in the world and with a large country, there are different regions and cultures even the same main ethnicity. Southern China is warm and moist and North China is dry and freezing-cold in the Winter.
Northern China is known for growing wheat or millet, Southern China is known for growing rice because of it's warm wet climate. Since my mother is from Southern China and my biological and step-father are from Northern China, I and my sister get to experience both two regions.
Chinese people drink hot tea instead of coffee, and by hot tea means there is likely no iced/cold tea, not even in  McDonald's.
Unlike in America where fast food restaurants chains such as McDonald's and KFC are for poor people, Chinese people view fast food chains as "fancy food" place.

We also went to Macau, the casino city of China. Oddly-interesting, some of the architectures, old and new, look more European, nowhere in China I've ever been has European buildings. The history is Macau was once a Portuguese colony from the mid-16th century and return to China in 1999; similar to Hong Kong that was claimed as a British colony in mid-19th century and returned to China in 1997.
Although both European states returned these two cities to China, both cities still retain to their Westernized identities and cultures and politically function differently from People's Republic of China's influence to this day.

I have experienced plenty of things in China: food, surroundings, etc. But never beats my home I'll admit.
If there's question about China, I'll answer whatever I can.
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I'm coming back from China, Guangdong (Canton) Province, to be exact.
i've been in China for two weeks and I wasn't able to contact because of bad wifi reception and Internet censorship; blame the Chinese government.
I am currently in Hong Kong, even then Hong Kong in now a Chinese city after the British handover in 1997, it have its own set of rules compare to the rest of China, (and Macau too).

I'll explain more about China when I get back to California tomorrow or at least the remaining hours before my flight.

If I don't make it back (because of the recent "AirAsia Incident and the burnt cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea), I just want to say I miss you and I love guys.
I miss home so much. I miss everything.
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I just joined MOCpages, a fan-base website for Lego builders. I hope to get more people to look and like my creations; I didn't too much when I'm here in dA.

So here is my website within MOCpages,…
I'm still new at this, so I need to post an icon, but the rest of the MOCs I've made will be post sometime in the future.

If there is anyone who has an account in MOCpages, please be my friend. :aww:
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Semi-Spoiler Alert!

I just saw "Transformers: Age of Extinction," today. To be honest, I overall disturbed just by that one scene where a Human character killed by that Transformer bounty hunter named Lockdown (if you saw the Cartoon Network "Animated" series, he pretty much the same guy but wiser, live-action, and more violent).
He didn't just died, he incinerated instantly, Lockdown's thermal grenade turned the ground lava-hot and turned that guy into a standing charcoal and still burning. He was a nice guy; he made people laughed. :tears:

I still not used to seeing Transformers killing Human people; I've watched Transformers since I've seen Transformers kill each other all the time, few were tiny bugs and shrimps in "Beast Wars" but not once people until "Dark of the Moon."

And don't forget the dinosaurs. In the beginning scene, alien ships, look Cybertronian but the aliens are organic, at least half. :confused: And they were bombing the Earth's ground while dinosaurs running for their lives but still get burned alive.

If you watched either or both the G1 cartoon and "Prime" series, remember that one episode where Megatron 'cyberform' or trying to turn Earth into a metallic planet? I think it's pretty much the same thing with the movie but more deadly and violent.

Maybe I'm an idiot but I love the new transformation on the new Decepticons. If you want to know what the new transformation look like, ask me through the "Note" to pretty spoilers for other readers who haven't watched the movie who want to be surprised.
Though it may seen 'unorthodox' toward you more experienced or critical 'hardcore' Transformers fans but I guess that's what's makes this transformation looks cool and unique, it breaks down the usually old ways of watching Transformers.

Pretty much the same, Autobots saving the day from a worldly destruction with an ounce or more of special effects.
I'm a little bit displeased that I have to wait for another Transformers sequel after this. How do I know, it's simple, the bad guys still live.

Long before the movie was announced, I had doubts about another 'sequel' after "Dark of the Moon." I'm maybe a noob but I know at least two essential parts of Transformers continuity: old enemies and home planet.
Transformers are always about war between the Autobots and the Decepticons; two sides of the same coin I suppose.
And with Cybertron is gone, without the home world of the Autobots and Decepticons, neither of them would have reason to fight for.
No Megatron, no Decepticons, no Cybertron, no sequels.
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Just received a 100th llama badge now I have a Super Albino Llama Badge!
It's not much but it's fun to see something upgraded.

Thanks to you all who gave llama badges and look at and fave my artwork. I never ask anyone to give these badges, I just let them grow.

Thank you so much. :D
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I haven't done a trivia question in my journal for a long time. The question is, What would you do for living in the Past?

Okay, you get sent to the past of Human history and there is no way of going back to the present, at least not any time soon.
You get to decide which timeline you want to be drag into, and think about what to do to keeping you alive.
Note, it don't worry the consequence of altering history, just focus on your livelihood.

I'll answer mine soon.
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Happy Valentine's Day to you. That is all I have to say. :heart: :hug:
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Ponysona Updated: Wishful Dreams by Redtriangle

Since Season 4 of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" will air tomorrow, I think this is a good time to tell you a story how I started liking "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and became a fan what you call "Brony."
It was in 2011, May 20-ish (when MLP:FiM is still in its first season), I was doing the usual, surfing the internet for something good to watch. I was using an old dysfunctional laptop and there was a random commercial pop-up about "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." I can't remember everything but I know I wasn't convinced at first and I find it as a little girls' show and there were few other ads in promoting MLP. Until I saw Tara Strong's (one of the greatest voice actress) name as one of the casts of the show, I was surprised but remain calm, I read at the show's summary and so I gave it try, by watching a few first episodes. I think that's exactly what I told myself, "Just a couple of episodes."
Just to let you know, nobody convinced or coerce me to watch, I watch on my own will; not like there was anyone close to talk with at the time.

I saw the "Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria..." introduction, I was fascinated. A land based on mythology, where two god-like princesses rule and to the punishment of Nightmare Moon, but that was the start.
I watched the first two episodes "Friendship is Magic" and I was intrigued, it speaks of love and friendship in a world of fantasy. But I didn't go straight to loving the show completely, I give myself time to understand the show; so I watched more episodes.

Though I begin loving the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," I wasn't ready to become a Brony and some part of brain is still resisting to the MLP. I already knew about the fandom called Bronies and the fact the majority are males from teenage to young adults. I was suspicious, like how there are so many older boys fell in love with a show designed for little girls. My main suspicious that MLP has a subliminal message; theoretically, a message in a media that get people's attention unconsciously. I don't call myself a Brony until one month from the time I started watching. I spent the time looking arts in Equestria Daily and research MLP.

Eventually, I realize this is the show I need, I've always wanted to see world of fantasy with love and friendship and other nice things. It was right after I've watched Mortal Kombat (2011) video game, I realized I'm tired of watching 'boy stuff' with violence and people tear each other apart. I needed watch something nice. In Winter of 2011, I watched Sailor Moon. MLP reminds me of it since they both about love and friendship.
MLP is one of the few cartoons on TV that uses traditional 2D animation and no craziness. And I wonder if I can redraw MLP through Illustrator.

In conclusion, I like "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" because it's cute, loving, and very addicting no matter how much I resist. But I don't jump on the bandwagon immediately until I researched the whole thing. And it suits my needs of cartoon watching: love, friendship, fantasy, funny, good stories, 2D, and talking animals.
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Last Friday, when I was not looking, my laptop is infected by a computer virus that disguise as an Interpol-federal anti-cybercrime block and I can't use my computer. It took me a while to realize it was a scam after I went to the police station.
If I may say, it literally scare the crap out of me but I made it to the bathroom. ^^;

I've manage to do my stuff on a secondary user I've created. I need to bring my laptop to a repair place as soon as possible and affordable.

And for you out there, I don't know how to help you prevent the same thing happening to me, my best advice is avoid all suspicious-looking websites and emails.
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Nothing else to say, Another usual day, no school but slept too late.
But having a nice dinner at my favorite bar with my family.

I'm now 23. One of my friends said "Happy birthday... One year older, one year wiser." In my opinion, I prefer the "one year wiser." 

I hope you guys had a good day today.
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Not a big deal, just watching Star Trek and trying to complete Summer school courses until this Thursday.

I started watching for a few weeks now. I started because of it's popularity. Though this sound delusional, watching Star Trek gives me hope that humanity can better. :happycry:
I've always wonder what if mankind can live and travel through space. Believe me, I love planet Earth than anywhere but think what if there will be a time where we begin to leave Earth even out of desperation.

I like The Next Generation series the most, there I can see Captain Jean-Luc Picard :iconpicardplz: and I've finished the episodes that has Q :iconstartrekqplz: in them. (You know if you're MLP: FiM fan, the voice of Discord :icondiscord:)
By the way, was Discord purposely made to be My Little Pony's own Q?

I think I'm a fan of Patrick Stewart, I know very less but I'm certain he's one of those people who study and perform Classic literature like Shakespeare. Very intellectual.

If you ask me who is my favorite TNG character(s), I say Captain Picard but I also like Data :icondataplz:; I like how he is so smart yet naive.

I should watch the Original series but I can't help how stuff like graphics are outdated.

After all, it's a popular science-fiction series.
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I'm already beginning to think I should switch my college major other than art; it time-consuming work and I'm not that talented.
My first decision to have a biology for major and a career as a doctor.

Just today, my mother suggest that I should a major relating to technology. Technology sound nice but I don't know anything about it. To make my frustration worsen, my mom suggest it just because I may have a likely chance to be employed.
Seriously, people go to colleges just to find jobs? True but what about self-interest?! I do want a job but I want a job where I can work on my inspirations! You think people have the jobs they have just because it easy to be employed or to earn well?
My mom advised me to take a major relating to technological career just because other people around her say so. Spoken like a true conformist!
I do understand that my mom is being helpful to me but she do this just because of what other people say?

Here's a little in of my family secret.
Whenever mother mention to my divorce father's side of his family or even other people about my art major, according to my mother, they are doubtful, believing I won't find a job there.
I'm getting really tired of people doubting behind my back about what I'm doing or even planning to do.

You know what? I don't care! The hell with them! :X
Maybe I'm being too rude but I don't see how can I stay calm when as if everybody is against you.
And this, dA journal, is the only place in the whole wide world where I can speak my grievances.
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What food do you or other people find it disgusting but you eat/ate it?
It could be ordinary food: meat (another word for flesh or muscle), raw oysters, raw fish (such as sushi and sashimi), etc.

I'll go first. Monkfish liver, pig intestines, solidified pig blood, and just now, blue cheese.

Though blue cheese is common as food toppings but I still find it disgusting: the smell and the taste.
I just ate a chunk of cheese and I feel grossed. :puke:
I should've got Parmesan though it's overrated.

Hope you're not too disgusted if you're eating right now.
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Alright, dear dA buddies of mines, are you who are you really are? Are you really who I think you are? You are not lying to me of who you are (by fake names, identity, etc.)?
I know its one of stupidest questions of all and I've known for long time, but my parents and I had a discussion of internet users, often perverts and frauds, would use false identities of lure other internet users who are young and gullible .
This can apply to you guys too. Now be honest with me.

And to speak my mind, if this world is truly full of dishonest and harmful people then I'm tired of living, I might wish I was dead or never born to begin with; what the point of living in a world you don't like?
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I am so dead! (I can't stop saying that.) I used the car without the permission, though they know because I tell them, but this time they will see it! Its bad enough that I drove to two different towns today and I nearly faint or get a heart attack just by thinking about as I shop and I nearly get a car accident by some other driver who just started turn too close in front of me. But now the main big worry is to park the car back where it used to be! The old small car that me and my family use park next to the curb in front of our house, but some other driver parked his or her car in that spot and if its not moved before my folks come home, they will find just in front of them and I'm in big trouble! I'm sure they'll do worse than put away the car keys.
I should've known before I get behind the wheel for the first time. The car was parked in a public curb and any car can take its place once it absent.

But wait! I just got back from re-parking the car and its sort of in the same spot, that car is there but another behind it moved away. Just a few feet from its original spot and few inches from the curb. They won't notice, right? ^^;

I haven't told you why I drove the car. Simple, I use to get to college, I had to go to school just to turn in my essay, and I spent some time on foot at a downtown park with Christmas themes around and took a tour at the local cathedral. Then drove to a mall in the next town for Lego parts. ^^; I said before, I nearly got myself a heart attack or faint thinking that put the car too far and too long away from home. So I drive home, I only drive on roads that I've been plenty of times before. Then I go to a gas station spent $10 on gas then I go home. And I've already told you about how there's a car in its original spot.

I really should stop driving the car, my mom said I have no personal car insurance in case of accident, and you could imagine what would happen if I get in an accident without insurance. And when I get behind wheels, I really need to stay focus on the road.
But I can't walk, kickscooter, or use the bus for small tasks, buses take too long to wait and too long to ride, not to mention the stinky poor people and crazy people who hope on the buses.

What's the good news? No major scratches around the car I've found if that counts.
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Mine had just now and it gives my the creeps in my chest. They were talking about stocking up supplies and I told them to stock more on rice.

Personally I don't care much about the Doomsday event of 2012 but I do believe social chaos is possible, look at the ancient civilizations that were destroyed.

I have a question for you, doomsday or not. Name one way that make a population of people riot?

I have one, turn off power grid. Since people are highly reliant on electricity whether for communication or security in case of burglary; without it, people will definitely take advantage of this situation.

You know what bothers me of this 2012 Doomsday? They said it will/would happen on the December, few days before Christmas, if that ever happen and people started rioting then spirit of the holiday will be ruined. :crying: I would pray for this month to be a time of peace even though I'm not Christian.

If this 2012 Doomsday ever happen either way, its nice knowing you guys. :happycry: Believe me, I wish I have something better to say.

With all this gloom and doom in my mind, I'm off to watch "National Geographic Channel's Doomsday Preppers" in the internet

And one more thing to say: Good luck and have a happy holiday! :wave:
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The time pretty much says it. I already remember the basics from driver education years ago: mirrors, parking brakes, brakes, gas, drive and reverse, and steering. Since today was my first time driving without supervision, I have to driving to closest locations near my home: Chipotle restaurant, Starbuck coffee, (Chipotle and Starbuck are in the same location), and Target.

I feel great. I can eat my food in the car when the restaurant is too crowd and I can listen to the radio at the same time, and I can carry heavy 'cargo' in my car, all I got is a 12-pack of A&W vanilla cream soda.

I am also thrilled. I have to watch both directions in each intersection and parking and I have to control my peddling and steering carefully.

So far, I'm not a good driving yet. Though I have manage to park within the lines, my car (the family car actually) was in diagonal position. No scratches (so far) but I turned too sharp. I had three drivers honked behind me just my reaction is slow before turning. And I have a slow reaction that I missed my desired turns.

I told myself driving would have been more easier if fewer people driving cars. You would you agree, its not just because of traffic but also for the environment.

I still think motorcycles are better when looking or hearing over your shoulders, and unlike cars, you can see where you stepping or treading on.

I will be driving again, when I know where I want to go next.
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I am now 22 years old. Nothing new and I bet its going to be the same life as last year: going to college, chasing buses and trains, learn new thing, still far away from graduation, living with my family, eat, talk to you guys, etc.
But I do thought of driving a car this year or buying the Razor's electric E300 scooter, and planning to cook my own meals when I have time.

Just got back from a Japanese buffet and drank sake, right now, I'm drinking beer and probably watch internet videos. :drunk:
And my hands smells like a swimming pool from was my kick scooter parts with bathroom cleaner.

I thought to let you guys know what going in my life today.
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I have many mental scars in my head, now I have a new scar yesterday! :crash:
Right when I finished my lunch at Popeye's, I went to the counter to get a box, I accidentally pick up a bag that is belong to a guy next to me. I was calmly about to return but instead he snatched it from my hands! Nothing much happened after that.
But I can't get over that there mean people out there, I heard and seen people up closer but this is one of the few times that I feel people aggression with my bare hands; I can feel the strength from his hand!

Do you know what's the sadness thing that can happen to a person, it should be easy, having your worst fear or most hated things as part of reality. I learn just today, I always knew interacting with total strangers would bring hostility. :crazy:
Why it's sad? Think of the nice things you were taught anytime in your life and compare those to the things that are opposite that you will find in the outside world.
So for me, is hate and aggression is more real than nice, love, and happiness? In my perspective, hate is more realistic than love. (Sorry to those who are Christians, religious and secular optimists, or you are just simply happy, cheerful, loving people.)
I'm sorry (again) but most of my life is full of hatred than I can find love and happy even up to now. Turn your TV and look at any news and you'll see. Even when there are positive things in the world, how can I deny the negative things I saw, especially up close and personal. Sometimes, I feel I like I don't know the world I'm living in.

To be honest, I wish I can hurt people or make them do something they will regret for life or they just die. I know doing bad things are wrong but does it matter if everywhere is bad? Besides, I don't want people be messing with me, EVER!
Pardon me, I feel very 'philosophical' when I'm upset and my mind can't take any stress. ^^; Typing this journal may help ease my mind.

Okay, your turn. Have any person you don't know ever been mean to you before? When the last time? How does it feel?

Not that I'm nagging, I hope this journal write is 'educational' and you guys learn something about the world you live in today or at least think about it in your own way.
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Summer Weekends are SOOOOOOOO boring! :tears: The cartoon shows that I watch this year has ended right before Summer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Transformers: Prime, South Park, Simpsons, etc. They won't be coming back at least until later this August.

By the way, I decided to stick to art major for college, I heard biology major is hard and I don't have what it takes to be one though I'm interested.

I heard there will be a new Sailor Moon anime next year Summer 2013, I can't wait! :D

This is much I have to say. :)
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