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EG Phantasmal Desires by Redtriangle EG Phantasmal Desires by Redtriangle
I have this idea for giving my OC a evil Corrupted Mode as "Sunset Satan" and "Midnight Sparkle" a while; this is my second attempt. Ironically, my recently depressing mood is what persuaded me to drawn him more.

Instead of turning Delusional Desires into a Demon or a 'Fallen Angel' like Sunset Shimmer and SciTwilight Sparkle, I gave him his Chinese dragon and metal motif, nicknaming him "Dragon King." His appearance based from my another OC appearance, an Ancient Chinese emperor's clothing and even from couple of dragon-based creatures from anime. Instead of giving him a horn (which by the way, those are antlers) like Sunset and SciTwilight in their evil form, I gave him a third eye on his forehead. Significantly, I heard the Third Eye is a sign of Enlightenment in Dharmic beliefs like Hinduism and Buddhism and can see beyond physical reality. His Third Eye can unleash a devastating effect on his enemies even non-physically.
I tried giving him dragon wings but their were cliche to me, so I reuse his 'hand-wings' and made larger; he can fly without using his wings but act as a shield and back spikes.
I gave him the name "Phastasmal" as in "Phastasm" because he love fantasy over reality even before corrupted. With his Third Eye, he can emit illusions or hallucination on his enemies into a trance; living in happy dreams or frightful nightmares in their minds or his.
He have other abilities such as heat-vision, shadow grab, pocket-dimensional prison, and partial control of time along with his default super-strength and speed.

Story time.
Sometime during his stay in Canterlot High in Equestria Girl World, he been experiment his mutated cells he contracted years ago back in his home-dimension. His cells gave him superhuman abilities as well metamorphic property which he absorb and copy other abilities and powers and change physical forms. Because the travel to EG world took away his powers, he want unlock his powers without the need of his Occult Stones to give magic powers even to normal people. Unfortunately, like Sunset Shimmer and SciTwilight Sparkle, his mutated cells absorbed too much Equestrian Magic around Canterlot High and suffering from Magic-overdosed, affecting his mind and change his physical form. Given in to his bottled-up repressed sadness and anger and hate from his past, he seeks to return to his homeworld and plan to 'fix' his conflicted world which the result is likely catastrophic if he use use newfound powers or expose Equestrian Magic to a different world.

Will he be stopped?

Delusional Desires/Phantasmal Desires (c) :iconredtriangle:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls (c) :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:
Drawn by me :iconredtriangle:
walfrankap Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Student General Artist
Amazing return Will! :thumbsup:
Redtriangle Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! :bow:
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