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Zootopia Delusional Desires
My OC as a Red Fox for Zootopia.
Since Foxes are smaller than Wolves, Sketchy has a habit of picking Delusional when he get on his bad side.

Foxes not only one of my favorite animals, Delusional Desires is very clever and sneaky, and not so tough and big to most animals.
Hopefully, I'll get better with my furry arts and digital art.

Delusional Desires the Greaser belongs to :iconredtriangle:
Zootopia belongs to Bryon Howard and Walt Disney :icondisneyplz:
Zootopia Sketchy
My only regret is that I didn't get this digitally drawn and colored.

Sketchy the Greaser belongs to :iconsketchywolf-13:
Zootopia belongs to Bryon Howard and Walt Disney :icondisneyplz:
Judy Playing Carrots and Cream
Nothing much to say, Judy is playing an online which did not turn what she expected. She won't be eating carrots for a while.

From the start, I knew Illustrator drawing won't do justice for Zootopia or any furry art. Just something I put together with Zootopia and an online game I see on Youtube.

Oh by the way, if you're thinking about playing Carrots and Cream I wouldn't recommend it, unless you have a tough stomach.

Zootopia (c) Disney
Carrots and Cream (c) Ageria and Gamejolt
Drawn by me :iconredtriangle:


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Wilson Yu
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I got myself in car accident today, who hit first? Me. ^^; I turned left on red light and a pizza delivery car, it was accident, I looked but I didn't the pizza car until it's in front of me, but it's my fault overall. No serious injuries.
I'm such an idiot I have to admit. If I'm not suppose to turn on a red light, shouldn't there be a "No turn on Red" sign? I can't think clearly on the road unless there's a sign.
We exchanged insurances and licenses and everything will be fine hopefully.

Now here is the more depressing part, I can live with the car accident but not with my step-dad involve, (my Mom is on a business trip).
I admit I did a big mistake and admit it but he want to feel more sorry; it's like sorry is not good enough.
The thing is with him, if you did something bad even when you admit it and take responsibility, he still shove your mistakes into your face until you are more sorry.
He mocks me; making rash judgments on me.
He confiscated my credit cards and my car keys.
So to the point, my parents are unforgiving.

I can't live anymore, I'm tired of living, I want die. I'll never be free from my parents. There's is no love in this world.
Here's one other thing. I'm not suicidal (hopefully never) I'm just wait to die, whatever some freak accident or maybe old age many decades later. The weird truth is, I'm too lazy or scared to kill myself and there are things to see in the world.

Have you ever seen or heard one of those people with 'mental problems' who walks around spastically making strange random loud sounds or movements. Anyway, there is one near our home who just yell for no apparent reasons and my step-dad said I'm much like him, and call me "stupid".
How would you feel when someone compare you to a crazy person.

I can live with the fact that I'm always intelligent but hearing your parents or step-parent saying these things to you. Maybe I'm naive but aren't people suppose to calm and be nice to their kids?

Writing down my feelings to those who read this is the only way I can talk to people.
  • Listening to: Let It Go
  • Playing: Boom Beach
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Tea


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walfrankap Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Student General Artist
So. Happy birthday man!!! Party  Birthday cake  icon 
Redtriangle Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Oh! Thank you so much!
I don't know what I could give in return.
walfrankap Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Student General Artist
You are welcome man.
Well, there is no need to give to receive in this case but, maybe a birthday greeting could be something.
Redtriangle Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks man, you're the best. :hug:
walfrankap Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Student General Artist
I have to admit, If I were a user of the force, I might have been a sith or a fallen jedi too! Use the force! 
Redtriangle Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I don't think you're worthy of being a Sith. You've seen like a positive person.
I on the other hand, filled with negative emotions, especially hate: hate for my parents, hate for this world, hate for Humankind. Every waking moment I feel hate deep inside.
I have these hatred inside me for years. And happiness is a rare commodity for me. The only time I feel closest to being happy is when I close my eyes and imagine.

If I were a Sith or least a Gray Jedi, I try to find some Rakatan Infinite Empire technology. If cross with Earth, I would try to bring back Chinese Empire (my heritage) and turn into a world empire.

In the Expand Universe, the Infinite Empire is perhaps the first galactic empire in the early years of Star Wars Galaxy. The Rakatans developed, or reverse-engineered, a technology where the Force and technology mix together, but only the Dark Side of the Force.
Get to the point. With this technology, the more negative emotions, the more power (like for spaceships, electrical grid, factories, etc.). Think of hate as a alternative source of clean energy and there is plenty of hate whether in Real-Life Earth or fictional Star Wars Galaxy.

My Chinese heritage. Do you know what Chinese people did when they came to America since the 1800s? Doing (White) people's laundry, cook their food, take out their trash, and building railroads.
I shouldn't brag. China is one of the earliest and long civilization and empire in the world with valuable art and culture. My new Taiwanese friend told we should've be the ones colonizes the rest of the world instead of the Europeans and White people. We Chinese people traveled across the Pacific Ocean just to do White people's chores with low pay? It's humiliating!
I would know because I work in a Starbucks serving caffeine-addicts.
walfrankap Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm not worthy to be a sith? Well, you're underestimating me!

Just kidding, I'm actually glad you think there is not enough darkness inside me to force me to fall in the blur of the dark side. But as it happens in the yin-yang theory, we are all dealing with a fight inside us between dark and light. I´am sorry to say this, but I'm arrogant, reckless, impatient, higly passionate and really impulsive, besides, I'm heartbroken and I occasionally suffer from self-hating. All of my inner darkness is triggered tragically by emotions you may know better, so if I were a jedi, I may be easily tempted to the dark side because it maybe gives me the power to keep close to me the ones or the one I love, I can't even detach myself from people because is hard to me to break the laces with them. It already had happened to me with real life religions, because I am constantly in conflict (It may also sound similar to a character of star wars with which I feel absurdly identified).

Well, at least I don't carry with me the suffering and the humiliation of my ancestors, but everyone carries his own package. So as in dark, there is also light, in my case, Im always attached to feel good because I like to create goods, increase life quality and make life beautyful and easy. I am also supportive, kind and generous, and I like to encourage people to break their chains.

Retaking our world and our reality, hate is also a powerful engine of innovation and energy. Hate leads to war here, and in war in when more of our technology is developed, all the polymers (plastics) are result of war tho!
Redtriangle Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Perhaps, a Fallen Jedi, sound more preferable for you. They sound like tragic heroes.
NicholasPWilde Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thx fur fav. I watch u now. I can has watch?
Redtriangle Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I guess... I don't have any Zootopia fan art. I don't want get your hopes up but I've been experimenting on trying to sketch Zootopia characters: hand-drawn, vector, tracing, and art tablet. So far, fruitless. :(
But going to try again. I got a couple of ideas.

You know what I said to myself? "Stay obsessed!" *repeatedly* (For Zootopia).
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