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MH: Shea Shifter by Redtriangle
MH: Shea Shifter
This is a Illustrator redrawn of :iconthedocroach:'s Monster High OC, Shea Shifter.
Just something to post out.

Monster High (c) Mattel :iconmattelplz:
Shea Shifter (c) :iconthedocroach:
Redrawn by me :iconredtriangle:
Will Morphos Monster High Bio by Redtriangle
Will Morphos Monster High Bio
My OC look like Delusional Desires from Equestria Girls, the truth is I reused him as a base, I don't know to make him look Monster High, only his head and arms. In fact, he is Delusional Desires' "Yang" counterpart (as in Yin-Yang: Yin: Dark; Yang: Light), and he look just like him but opposite.
I'm afraid the Monster High OC bio page can't do much justice of put more information; I had hard time fitting the paragraphs.

Will Morphos is the opposite of Delusional Desires: he's cranky and likes to be alone most of the time. Like Delusional, he left his native home universe to live a new life and relive his high school days in a different place. The reason he's 25 years old is because he is a college student in his homeworld but feel depressed and miss his youthful years in high school with all the attention. His body somehow turn teenage once he stepped into the Monster Universe. The truth however he didn't expect to go school full of monsters which in his homeworld he hunt and fight monsters (which they are savages than the MH counterparts and the classical movie monsters are myths).
He changed his name to fit in. "Morphos" as in morph because on his copying powers.

Though he look Human, he is half-Monster and half-Human, not by birth but by mutation; his also a mutant too. His main monster power is copying other monsters' powers or energy by touching (one at a time in limit of time), this because his power is 'raw' from his mutation, like clay ready to be molded, this helps him to adapt harsh environments by copy those dwell in them. He even physical transform himself based on the monster he copied at will. His powers are super-strength, super-speed, and super-durability, and his "aura-vision" to see people and monster's body energy and tell between each individuals. He can turn on and off his powers whenever he needs to or by automatically when in danger; so he's physically Human during slow normal days.

Now his relationship. Though he is a loner, he have some connections around school but a few who are very closer.

Shea Shifter: Will's annoying best friend but he likes her unadmittedly. Numerous times Shea need Will's help in her pranks because he can copy her shapeshifting ability to shapeshift along with with. Despite the annoyance, Will sees Shea have in common, both their monster powers is 'amorphic,' they can take any shape or form. Shea copy monsters' looks; Will copy monsters' abilities.

Venetia Drakoularakou: More like a friend of a friend but Will get along quite well; mostly to talk about their interest in Greece and Greek history and culture and other stuff.

Jackson Jekyl: Much like Will because he is both Human and Monster, however, Will doesn't like his monster counterpart, Holt Hyde, because he find him annoying.

Frankie Stein: Actually, Will's crush, girlfriend, and now ex-gf. Will love Frankie for her nice personality and looks. He admires the idea of body parts sew together and girls with dark hair. ^^; Frankie help Will to overcome his negative thoughts and find happiness in which he did. However, their relationship was short-lived, they just admit they don't have much in common and/or not ready for relationship. For now, they are also best friends (though Will still have feelings for her).

Monster High (c) :iconmattelplz:
Shea Shifter (c) :iconthedocroach:
Venetia Drakoularakou (c) :iconvenetia-the-hedgehog:
Made by me :iconredtriangle:
Clawd doesn't like Cats by Redtriangle
Clawd doesn't like Cats
Okay, that's was crude of me. ^^; But Clawd actually said it (that top text was written by me; it was subtitled) in the Monster High movie "13 Wishes" when he, Heath, and Manny trying to proof they are not scaredy-cats in the show "Die Trying!"
If you did seen it, can you actually believe he just said that, I mean, what if Toralei and other Werecats hear that?
I guess it's because of his canine instinct or he was just scared.

Monster High (c) Mattel :iconmattelplz:
Edited by :iconredtriangle:
You Remind Me Of Someone by Redtriangle
You Remind Me Of Someone

I just like to add Sketchy the Greaser into Delusional Desires/Numbuh 333’s backstory for a while.

The Sketchy in Equestria Girls world reminds Delusional Desires of one of the times in his homeworld, the KND world. The person EQ Sketchy remind Delusional could be either KND Sketchy, Numbuh 333 (his alter ego self), or both.


In the past as Numbuh 333 of the Kids Next Door, he hated Sketchy. He sees Sketchy as a nonconformist and a rebel who won’t join his “monolithic organization to fight conformist by becoming a conformist.” And there were times when Numbuh 333 ran into Sketchy by accidents during his missions and they had problems. 

In this event, Numbuh 333 and Sketchy are in a warehouse in a G.U.N. fight with their enemies.

How Sketchy exist in the KND world is, in my headcanon, only OCs can exist as much multiple dimensional parallel universes. Canon of Official characters however can only exist in parallel universes that connected to their ‘prime’ or similar universes, such as Friendship is Magic Pony Universe and Equestria Girls Universe. However, it can be extremely rare to have more of the same Canon characters originate in different universes unrelated their original universes and their parallel branch. Example like The Doctor from Doctor Who Universes and Doctor Whooves from MLP:FiM.

How characters existence, both Canon and OCs, can exist in difference universes at the same remains a mysterious.

In theory, OCs can exist in one or more universes or realities because they are ‘wanted’ to exist by their ‘Prime selves.’ In one universe where there this fictional and the imaginary, in another universe is reality and physical.

Who are the ‘Prime Selves?’


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
Codename: Kids Next Door (c) Mr. Warburton
Sketchy the Greaser (c) :iconsketchywolf-13
Delusional Desires/Numbuh 333 (c) :iconredtriangle:

Drawn by me (c) :iconRedtriangle

KND Sketchy by Redtriangle
KND Sketchy
As always, I put up a character or OC on a blank background for display for before drawing or putting other art with the same character.
I was drawing Sketchy in KND form while at the same time, I did an experimentation if I can make a good Warburton style from Codename: Kids Next Door (KND).
I have done a few before but I didn't like how I did, though I should done more experiments years ago.
I could have use other characters I drew in the Illustrator problem but who is better than the lovable Sketchy the Greaser.

By the way, that's a lollipop in his mouth.



Codename: Kids Next Door (c) Mr. Warburton
Sketchy the Greaser (c) :iconsketchywolf-13:
Drawn by (c) :iconredtriangle:



Redtriangle's Profile Picture
Wilson Yu
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
The title speaks for itself, I'm back!

I'm so scared each time the plane rumbles. I may be overly paranoid about flying on airline but I never get used to traveling in air or on water; just nice solid ground.

The place we went is Guangdong where my mother born and lived before she came to the United States when she was a teenager.

Here are short facts about China. Chinese don't eat or drink milk accept that are powdered or condensed. China is the 4th largest country in the world and with a large country, there are different regions and cultures even the same main ethnicity. Southern China is warm and moist and North China is dry and freezing-cold in the Winter.
Northern China is known for growing wheat or millet, Southern China is known for growing rice because of it's warm wet climate. Since my mother is from Southern China and my biological and step-father are from Northern China, I and my sister get to experience both two regions.
Chinese people drink hot tea instead of coffee, and by hot tea means there is likely no iced/cold tea, not even in  McDonald's.
Unlike in America where fast food restaurants chains such as McDonald's and KFC are for poor people, Chinese people view fast food chains as "fancy food" place.

We also went to Macau, the casino city of China. Oddly-interesting, some of the architectures, old and new, look more European, nowhere in China I've ever been has European buildings. The history is Macau was once a Portuguese colony from the mid-16th century and return to China in 1999; similar to Hong Kong that was claimed as a British colony in mid-19th century and returned to China in 1997.
Although both European states returned these two cities to China, both cities still retain to their Westernized identities and cultures and politically function differently from People's Republic of China's influence to this day.

I have experienced plenty of things in China: food, surroundings, etc. But never beats my home I'll admit.
If there's question about China, I'll answer whatever I can.
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If the Splinter Cell did exist, well, the (normal) KND would have a big problem than fighting evil adults; it would be like civil war. Operatives will have to question their loyalty to either faction.

Now I have a couple question for you. I'll ask them in your account.
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