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Black Weapons by Redtriangle
Black Weapons
These are the infamous Black Weapons, made of Black Iron crafted by Black Hephaestus. Stronger than diamond.
- Hammer
- Sword
- Trident
- Mace
- Kanabo
- Shield
- Crossbow-Machine Gun mixed
- Flintlock Pistol (Medium range)
- Flintlock Pistol (Short-Medium range)
- Four-Barreled Flintlock Pistol (Short-Medium range)

Lego and Bionicle (c) Lego Company
Made by me :iconredtriangle:
Black Hephaestus Gun Fight by Redtriangle
Black Hephaestus Gun Fight
Black Hephaestus wielding his Black Guns (flintlock muzzleloading pistols; one with 4-barrels).
Though it's strange to see him using guns since he preferred traditional weapons, usually blunt weapons.

Lego and Bionicle (c) Lego Company
Made by me :iconredtriangle:
Black Hephaestus Attack Stance by Redtriangle
Black Hephaestus Attack Stance
Wielding his Black Trident and Black Kanabo (a Japanese War Club).

Lego and Bionicle (c) Lego Company
Made by me :iconredtriangle:
The Blacksmith - Black Hephaestus by Redtriangle
The Blacksmith - Black Hephaestus
Sorry for holding out my latest Lego creation from you, those who are Lego fans.

This is Black Hephaestus (weird name I know but so good; sound like a English-dubbed name for an anime character), legend has it that Black Hephaestus was made by the Greek God Hephaestus in his own image to help him in his workshop. Black Hephaestus was made from Black Iron, a rare type of metal which it is hard as diamond and unknownly black for it's color. Black Hephaestus help his creator with loyalty and love but for unknown reason, Hephaestus replaced him with new robot servants made of gold and silver. Black Hephaestus was sent to Earth and spends rest of his existence crafting metal jewelries, armors, and weapons until eventually he was discovered by someone.
Of course, this is the mythology of his existence; use to mystify him.

- Calm and peaceful, busy crafting, though he would fight when being attack or for worthy cause
- Creator of Black Weapons (Weapons made from Black Iron like himself)
- Strong and powerful fighter
- No built-in weapons like most robots; only use handheld weapons
- Have energy gem(s) beneath his breastplate
- Favorite weapon is the Black Hammer, which he use for forging


What's interesting, I built him to have today's new Bionicle swivel gimmick which he can move his arms with gears.
I always have this obsession for combining Technic/Bionicle/Hero Factory/Ultra-Build parts with ordinary Lego bricks, so his head, thighs, and crotch are brick parts with ball-socket joints.

Lego and Bionicle (c) Lego Company
Made by me :iconredtriangle:


Redtriangle's Profile Picture
Wilson Yu
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I got myself in car accident today, who hit first? Me. ^^; I turned left on red light and a pizza delivery car, it was accident, I looked but I didn't the pizza car until it's in front of me, but it's my fault overall. No serious injuries.
I'm such an idiot I have to admit. If I'm not suppose to turn on a red light, shouldn't there be a "No turn on Red" sign? I can't think clearly on the road unless there's a sign.
We exchanged insurances and licenses and everything will be fine hopefully.

Now here is the more depressing part, I can live with the car accident but not with my step-dad involve, (my Mom is on a business trip).
I admit I did a big mistake and admit it but he want to feel more sorry; it's like sorry is not good enough.
The thing is with him, if you did something bad even when you admit it and take responsibility, he still shove your mistakes into your face until you are more sorry.
He mocks me; making rash judgments on me.
He confiscated my credit cards and my car keys.
So to the point, my parents are unforgiving.

I can't live anymore, I'm tired of living, I want die. I'll never be free from my parents. There's is no love in this world.
Here's one other thing. I'm not suicidal (hopefully never) I'm just wait to die, whatever some freak accident or maybe old age many decades later. The weird truth is, I'm too lazy or scared to kill myself and there are things to see in the world.

Have you ever seen or heard one of those people with 'mental problems' who walks around spastically making strange random loud sounds or movements. Anyway, there is one near our home who just yell for no apparent reasons and my step-dad said I'm much like him, and call me "stupid".
How would you feel when someone compare you to a crazy person.

I can live with the fact that I'm always intelligent but hearing your parents or step-parent saying these things to you. Maybe I'm naive but aren't people suppose to calm and be nice to their kids?

Writing down my feelings to those who read this is the only way I can talk to people.
  • Mood: Anguish
  • Listening to: Let It Go
  • Playing: Boom Beach
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Tea

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If the Splinter Cell did exist, well, the (normal) KND would have a big problem than fighting evil adults; it would be like civil war. Operatives will have to question their loyalty to either faction.

Now I have a couple question for you. I'll ask them in your account.
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